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Say you need a mentor, well I’ll teach you only what I know and what I’m currently learning from actually real experiences.


So let’s chop it up about the videography, photography and so much more.



Social Media


Customer Relationships

Websites and more

I am offering this mentorship because I have been getting overwhelming amounts of

people asking can I mentor them. I am ready! I want to pour back and share my experiences. I have worked with all types of business owners and still working to expand the brand.

During our mentoring session, you’ll have the ability to ask and receive direct, one-on-one insight and help from me. This is your call and it’s tailored to fit your individual business needs!


1 Hour Zoom CALL


Social Media: Do you want to step up your social media game? 


What about growing + targeting your dream clients on Instagram?


I’ve done the research so you don’t have to!


Our Zoom coaching session can cover how to grow your Instagram account organically and work with your dream clients + companies.


How to polish up your profiles + optimize your presence on both platforms.

What is it that you need the most help in to move forward into working with your dream, ideal clients?

Is it pricing, branding, or building up confidence behind the camera so your clients can feel comfortable in front of it?

Do you need help with editing videos?

Do you want retainer clients?


This is your session and it’s entirely tailored to you.

Fill out my detailed contact form below so we can get started!


*Transactions are done over PayPal and full payment is due to book the date + time of your session. These rates do not include 10% sales tax.

Let's get started today

In-Person Mentoring $250.00 hr

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